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Medici University
School of Public Art

Virtual Public Art 199 – Field Research

VPA-199 is an activity course designed to immerse the learner in the practice of public art actions in virtual space. This course features a number of activities. All learners are welcome to enroll and participate in as many, or as few, of these activities as their time and interest permits.

MU Certificate in VPA

Students seeking the Medici University Certificate in Virtual Public Art should participate in 4 Virtual Public Art Activities and publish 4 journal articles (blog posts) analyzing the virtual public artworks and their individual experience of them. The course will offer 3 activities, Dance Anywhere, Jane’s Walk, and Manifesto for Virtual Maintenance Art. Certificate students 4th Virtual Public Art Activity should be a work of their own design. The work may take place on the Medici University campus, or at any other location(s) in cyberspace or virtual worlds.

Virtual Public Art 199 is a semester-long activity course where MU Learners participate in, create, and document a series of Virtual Public Art Activities.

It seems that we have moved decisively beyond the idea of public art as a large steel sculpture in a public plaza. Nothing against Mark di Suvero, but the emphasis has shifted from what Critical Art Ensemble call the “sedentary model” of public art toward practices that involve participation, performance, and other processes that unfold over time.

— Mark Tribe

Facilitator: Vanessa Blaylock
Format: Hybrid: F2F, online, and as many media options as possible
Length: semester-long
Meeting Times: TBA
Location: MU-Maria-7
Enrollment: to enroll, just add your name in the comments BELOW. — When you enroll, please include Your Studio#, and optionally, a URL to see your work.
Discuss: you may also use the comments on this post for any questions about the course or activities, any discussion of ideas, or any other related information.


Organizational Meeting

Friday, 20 March ’15. Meetings at MU-Maria-7 at Noon SLT (19:00 GMT) and 8pm SLT (03:00 Saturday, GMT) Learners may attend either one. If both times are bad, please leave a comment below to discuss the class.

Dance Anywhere

3 dancers in a fountain

Our 1st virtual public art activity is Dance Anywhere, Beth Fein’s 11th annual simultaneous, worldwide, pulic dance performance work. Dance Anywhere is at Noon SLT on Friday 27 March 2015.

Every year we synchronize our calendars and watches and simultaneously spread dancing images into every corner of our community landscapes across the globe. Dancers, students, seniors, artists, business men and dreamers alike put aside their daily grind and unleash their moving creativity in museums, parks, sidewalks, office buildings, bedrooms, anywhere their dancing bodies will fit. Every year thousands of people from Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Estonia, and around the world participate!

VPA-199 learners who are available should join our MU Campus participation in the event. Those who are unavailable at that time are encouraged to take a moment of dance wherever they may be at Noon SLT, and then to view the documentation of both the MU Dance Anywhere and the Global Participants, as inspiration for their article.

• Dance Anywhere / Virtual Public Art
• Dance Anywhere / VBCO Page on DA Website

Jane’s Walk

Jane's Walk Poster

2015 marks the 9th annual Jane’s Walk, and the 1st time Jane’s Walk will include a virtual city! During Friday-Saturday-Sunday, 1, 2, 3 May ’15, Learners enrolled in Medici University’s course Virtual Public Art 199 – Field Research will lead tours of the Medici University campus. You can sign-up to lead a tour of Medici University or other areas for any hour of any of the 3 days of Jane’s Walk. Bonus points for leading more than 1 walk over the Jane Jacobs birthday weekend!

• Jane’s Walk / Virtual Public Art
• Jane’s Walk / Signup Page for “Second Life City”

Manifesto for Virtual Maintenance Art

Mirele Ukeles - Hartford Waxh

All good things must come to an end, and on 1 July the Medici University campus at LEA23 will become a memory. Many of us believe it will have a lasting impact beyond its physical (virtual) presence, and time will tell.


That’s all great, but who’s gonna clean up this mess? For the past 6 months we will have partied, created art, danced, and generally done everything possible to spread 15,000 primitive objects across 6.5 hectares of virtual land! But come 1 July, while some are waxing about beautiful memories, a new art installation will need to move in to LEA23! Medici University counts sustainability among its core values, and leaving a campus littered with old objects and textures is hardly living up to those values.

For the last week of June, the 23rd – 30th, Learners enrolled in VPA-199 will lead the MU Campus Community in reclaiming the LEA23 region. We’ll strip each and every prim and return it to it’s natural plywood texture. Then we’ll stack all 15,000 prims neatly, ready for the next artists’ use.

• Manifesto for Virtual Maintenance Art / Virtual Public Art (2015)
• Vanessa Blaylock Company / VB50 – Farewell (2013)
• Mierle Laderman Ukeles / Manifesto for Maintenance Art (1969)

a plywood maid with a plywood feather duster cleans a plywood world

VPA-199 Project 4: Learner’s Own VPA Activity

In addition to the 3 Class activities, most importantly, Learners seeking the MU Certificate in Virtual Public Art will design, implement, and document a Virtual Public Art Activity of their own creation. Learners may work individually or in groups. The possibilities are as wide as cyberspace itself! VPA-199 Project 4 may be completed any time between 20 March and 30 June 2015. Be sure to plan sufficient time for unexpected delays and for documentation.

photo of a woman blindfolding another woman with words written on her arm and the background

“Myths of Rape” by Leslie Labowitz-Starus, performed for “Three Weeks in May,” Suzanne Lacy, 1977.


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17 Responses to “Medici University Certificate in Virtual Public Art”

  1. Veyot 17 Mar '15 at 11:59 #

    I’m virtual, I’m public. Count me in!

  2. Myra Wildmist 17 Mar '15 at 19:49 #

    Hi, Vanessa.

    Sure, I’ll sign up. I’m a little confused, though. Is this separate from MU, in conjunction with MU?

    Do the articles I’ve written for MU and Rez count or do you want me to write something for VPA? Should we discuss on Slack? 😀

    • Vanessa Blaylock 18 Mar '15 at 10:37 #

      Wonderful Myra!

      Medici University

      This IS the Medici University Certificate in Virtual Public Art. Perhaps the confusion is that most of the programs at MU are entirely self-defined: if you want a Writing or World Design or Media Archaeology degree it’s up to you to design your curriculum. MU has always had staff available to help learners design curriculum, but it can still feel like a daunting proposition. With great self-direction power, sometimes comes great WTF-do-I-know-about-putting-curriculum-together stress & confusion! 😛

      Since we had the wonderful “planetary alignment” of Dance Anywhere, Jane’s Walk, and Manifesto for Virtual Maintenance Art all during the coming 3 months of MU, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to string together a few Virtual Public Art activity “beads” and offer VPA Certificates to interested learners.

      Journal Articles

      The 4 “Journal Articles” (blog posts) are intended to be write-ups / analysis of your 4 Virtual Public Art Activities: Dance Anywhere, Jane’s Walk, Manifesto for Virtual Maintenance Art, and Learner’s own VPA Activity.

      You can post them anywhere. You’re welcome to post them here on VPA, but they could also be on your own website,, etc.

      I hope that helps Myra, and do LMK if you have other questions about anything.

      See you Friday!

  3. Oona 20 Mar '15 at 21:00 #

    I’m attempting to attempt this. You all know i have great slacker tendencies class of 2015 but I am officially throwing myself in the ring. Oh and….


    • Vanessa Blaylock 20 Mar '15 at 21:46 #

      Awesome to have you join us today Oona! haha, your slacker tendencies were noticed as you slept thru most of the meeting!

      I can’t vouch for your taste in neighborhoods, but what about a Nostra vs Maria water fight? Or frog throwing, of course. I can never get enuf of those frog guns! 😀

      Welcome aboard, Oona!

      • Oona 20 Mar '15 at 21:48 #

        Let me talk to my ppl, and get back to you on that Vanessa 😛

      • Oona 20 Mar '15 at 21:48 #

        Whoops… and don’t forget… Go Nostra!!!!

  4. JOSE DOMINGO ELIAS ARCELLES 21 Mar '15 at 07:13 #

    I would like to particpate in the activities of public virtual art and also obtain certification.

    • Vanessa Blaylock 21 Mar '15 at 15:51 #

      Hello Jose! Thanks so much for finding us! I’d love to have you join the team in VPA-199.

      Our first activity “Dance Anywhere” is at one specific hour, so you might or might not be able to make it, but all the others are flexible: any hour over several days, so they should work pretty well for you.

      The 1st activity is “Dance Anywhere” which will be the 11th annual RL event of dancing around the globe at Noon Friday San Francisco Time (the founder Beth Fein is a San Francisco based choreographer)

      You are in Peru? Dance Anywhere will be Friday 27 March at 2pm PET. It will be nice if you are available, but if you aren’t, we’ll see you at the next one.

      Do you have an avatar in the virtual world “Second Life”? If you do, you can find me as “Vaneeesa Blaylock”. Also we have a virtual Medici University campus there:

      We can give you an Artist’s Studio there if you’d like one.

      We had our 1st meeting yesterday and it went pretty well! Maybe a dozen people and lots of ideas. Wilmer wants to create a living house and Neeva wants to build a collaborative, improvisational bridge.

      Thanks Jose!!

  5. muse 22 Mar '15 at 18:29 #

    i would like to attend . so excited to learn ^_^

  6. Jamison 18 Nov '16 at 10:23 #

    Nuestro progresivo crecimiento se debe a la enorme aceptación que hemos tenido en el mercado, reinvirtiendo continuamente en equipos nuevos y medios, y manteniéndonos siempre y en todo momento
    informados de las continuas novedades y avances de las nuevas tecnologías en nuestro ámbito.


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