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Asian French Maid?

What is an Asian French Maid anyway? In About Angry Asian French Maid Avatar Strike I tried to express both the levity and the gravitas of our march coming up on 25 October ’14 in Paris. Today I’d like to offer a little insight into the conundrum-sounding Asian French Maid.

We like to think that the French Maid was a physical being before she was an idea, but as “College Girl” suggests in this video, perhaps she was an idea before she was an actual physical being.

A dream made physical

Whatever the case with the French Maid, the Asian Maid was definitely an idea or a virtual vision before she was made flesh. She comes (via the French Maid, of course) from Anime & Manga culture in Japan. And now in the Maid Cafes she’s a virtual vision, physically embodied. She follows in the maid tradition, but she’s different from her “French” counterpart.

Xue Faith holding a serving tray with tea and cake, and standing in front of bright yellow and red neon characters in an Asian language. Superimposed over her image is the text "Activity No.10"

The French Maid is Eve. It is our presumption of her carnal knowledge that intrigues us.

Vanessa Blaylock in an "Alice" maid type dress in blue with a white apron and superimposed is the text "Activity No.10"

The Asian Maid may be born of the French Maid’s rib, but she is her own being. The Asian Maid is Peter Pan. Her refusal to be mired in the stress and obligation of the adult world, her childlike innocence and play, is what brings us joy.

Stained Glass window of Adam & Eve juxtaposed with a contemporary photograph of a young Asian girl laughing.
The French Maid is Eve; The Kawaii Maid is Peter Pan. Photo: “Laughing Crazily” by Stella Slay.

2007 Newsweek cover featuring Anime Maid


About 15 years ago the 1st Maid Cafe opened in Akihabara, Tokyo. Today there are over 200 Maid Cafe’s in Tokyo as well as others around the globe. As Newsweek proclaimed in 2007, Akihabara culture is overtaking the world!

diptych of maid cafe food: a main course on the left, and a dessert tray on the right
Maid Cafe food. Photos by: Roxanne Ready and Leo

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Saturday 25 October ’14. 10am San Francisco / 7pm Paris

Map of the 4 Paris regions in the virtual world of Second Life

Vanessa Blaylock in an "Alice in Wonderland" like blue maid uniform and with the typography "Activity No.10" superimposed in white type.

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