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Black and white photograph of 2 avatars wearing balaclava and playing electric guitars.

Activity No.1 – Pussy Riot Solidarity Parade. On 17 August 2013, the anniversary of the verdict in the Pussy Riot trial, we organized a march at St. Basil’s Cathedral in Virtual Red Square. In this image Vanessa Blaylock & Agnes Sharple play electric guitars (badly) on the St. Basil’s roof.


Art practice in the post-post-neo-neo age doesn’t really require titles. Still, to better express the intentions in the work I have decided to retire the title Virtual Performance Artist and take the new mantle of Virtual Public Artist.

VBCO’s first Virtual Performance work, VB01 – Girl Next Door, took place on 18 April 2009. Our last, VB50 – Farewell, took place on 28 July 2013.

VBCO’s first Virtual Public work, Activity No.1 – Pussy Riot Solidarity Parade, took place on the anniversary of the verdict in the Pussy Riot trial, 17 August 2013.

Welcome to our new practice!

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  • Eye Candy by Thomas Hawk. Thanks for your awesome work Thomas, and thank you for using a Creative Commons license on Flickr!
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