Eau de Avatar

Vanessa Blaylock stands behind a dozen or more bottles of Eau de Avatar

Eau de Avatar, from the Medici University Perfumery

I Sweat, Therefore I am Parfum

In Activity No.5 – New Hampshire Rebellion we joined Lawrence Lessig & Co. in their 10.2 mile walk from Canterbury to Concord, New Hampshire. Since we couldn’t be in physical NH with the walkers, we used treadmills to virtually walk in solidarity with them. We tried to walk at their same pace and finish in about 5-1/4 hours. They were in snow and cold weather. We had luckier conditions, but that also meant working up a sweat as we traversed virtual New Hampshire. We collected the avatar sweat from our treadmills and distilled it into parfum.

Medici University Perfumery

Eau de Avatar comes in 15 inspired scents: one each for the 13 of us who walked, plus 2 extra scents designed at the Medici University Parfum Laboratory, for Lawrence Lessig and Granny D. From the lightness and joy of Merriam Galaxy to the musky depths of Trill Zapatero, Eau de Avatar features a scent for your every mood, a scent to inspire every moment of your day.

many bottles of eau de parfum

Eau de Avatar

Scents Available Now

  • Agnes Sharple
  • Caitlyn Clawtooth
  • Granny D.
  • Izzy Medici
  • R. Marie Beedit
  • Merriam Galaxy
  • Lace Jewell
  • Lawrence Lessig
  • SaveMe Oh
  • Scarlett Luv-McMillan
  • Sun Mellinson
  • Trilby Minotaur
  • Trill Zapatero
  • Vanessa Blaylock
  • Ysidora Pico
Vanessa Blaylock stands behind many bottles of Eau de Avatar, a new parfum from the Medici University Perfumery

Eau de Avatar

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