Activity No.5 – NH Rebellion

line of avatars walking on virtual treadmills (some  also walking IRL) in support of New Hampshire Rebellion

Activity #5 – Virtual New Hampshire Rebellion

Avatars will walk 10.2 miles at Izzy’s Treadmill Gym (some also walking 10.2 miles on IRL treadmills) in support of today’s walk in RL New Hampshire.
Monday 20 January 2014


Total Daily Mileage: 10.2 miles
Starting Point: The Eggshell Restaurant, 563 Rte. 106, Louden NH
Route: Shaker Rd, L on Lesmerises, L on Old Shaker Road, L on Mountain Rd, R on Eastman St, bike path across river along I-93, right on Institute/Delta Dr, L on Commercial Street, R on 202W (0.1 mile), L on North Main, L on Gulf St .
End Point & Tonight’s Lodging: Fairfield Inn, 4 Gulf St., Concord

7:30 AM: BREAKFAST at Eggshell Restaurant
LUNCH: On the road!
2:00 PM: ARRIVE at Fairfield Inn, Concord.

After our 5-1/4 hour walk we collected avatar sweat from the treadmills and the Medici University Perfumery distilled it into Eau de Avatar which is available now!

• NH Rebellion / Merriam Galaxy
• NH Rebellion / Vanessa Blaylock
2014: Year of the Treadmill

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