Activity No.21 – Manifesto for Virtual Maintenance Art

a plywood maid with a plywood feather duster cleans a plywood world

Manifesto for Virtual Maintenance Art

To close Spring Semester 2015, learners enrolled in Medici University’s Virtual Public Art 199 – Field Research course will participate in the sustainable practice of returning virtual resources to their native state.

Over the previous 6 months, 70 learners with studios spread across the 6.5 hectare Medici University campus will have rezzed and textured 15,000 primitive objects. During this final week before handover of the LEA23 region to its new “Round 9” inhabitants, we will strip the textures off of all 15,000 primitive objects, returning them to their default plywood texture. Finally we will neatly stack those objects for use by future artists.

This public artwork is inspired by the VB50 – Farewell work of 2013, and by Mierle Ukeles’ 1969 work Manifesto for Maintenance Art.

Mierle Ukeles - Hartford Wash

wide view of a 6.5 hectare art installation entirely made of plywood

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