Sample Page Image Gallery

Oh… hmm… what’s the difference between a “Gallery” and a “Page” with an “Image Gallery” template? I’m a little confused!

OH OH… this is the One Image from each recent post thing… got it! 😀

cinemascope photo of VPA 198 - Portfolios & Proposals class member Fanny Vermontsample online portfolioMyra, Neeva (both freakishly tall!) Muse, Vanessa (both a gorgeous 170cm) standing atop the collaborative bridge that the Virtual Public Art 199 team of Agnes Sharple dancing at the Amsterdam discotheque I Am TranceVanessa Blaylock stands behind many bottles of Eau de Avatar, a new parfum from the Medici University PerfumeryVanessa Blaylock in an "Alice" maid type dress in blue with a white apron and superimposed is the text "Activity No.10"photo of an Asian French Maid in a Virtual Maid Cafe holding a tray with tea and cake on itblack & white photo of 2 avatars with ice skates on the rings of saturnGrainy, nighttime, candlelight shot of Paypabak Writer on push-processed B&W Kodak Tri-X film.Black and white photograph of 2 avatars wearing balaclava and playing electric guitars.B&W fine-grained T-Max photograph of avatars protesting in solidarity with Pussy Riot on the anniversary of the verdict in their trialWoman in front of I Amsterdam letters
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