Virtual Public Art 199 Team

selenium-toned headshot of Desu


I live in a low-poly world. What’s up with hyperrealism? Who needs it? Come play in my world!


Elle Thorkveld

Don’t hate the chaos, embrace it! I’m a Glitch Artist because the glitch is life. We wouldn’t be here without a little chaos from time to time.

selenium-toned photograph of Feels Empty

Feels Empty

I’m currently working on my 2D gif animated world “Family” and bringing it into VR as a 3D experience.

selenium toned photo of Isadora Alaya

Isadora Alaya

For me VR Culture can be a profoundly spiritual place. I’m interested in tranquil spaces. Community. Ocean vistas. Meditation. And clothes.

Selenium-toned photo of Muse4u


I love portraiture. The avatar body is an endless source of inspiration. Each face is like a different landscape of experience, dreams, and ideas.

selenium-toned portrait of Myra Wildmist

Myra Wildmist

I love photography’s unique ability to represent our identities. I love social photography’s ability to tell a visual truth about our lives.

selenium-toned portrait of Nebulosus Severine

Nebulosus Severine

I conjure multisensory virtual experiences from the ash of prims and textures. My work is an amalgam of graphic moments.

selenium-toned portrait of Neeva Torok

Neeva Torok

Beyond the individual exploration of building, my passion lies in exploring the ways social production can create new forms.

selenium-toned version of Oona's SL profile photo


Virtual culture is a crossroads of new ways to mediate community and essential values like honesty, kindness, and authenticity.

selenium-toned photograph of Tiffany Mosienko

Tiffany Mosienko

I’m a famous, glamorous artist! The hybrid persona of an art and technology scholar.

selenium toned photo of Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock

As a virtual public artist my work seeks to empower avatars to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

selenium-toned photo of Veyot


I operate MU Travel, a VR travel agency focusing on cyberspace experiences. There’s no place, like a new place!

selenium-toned portrait of Wilmer Nirvana

Wilmer Nirvana

I am the soul of Al Green. Cyberspace can be about the exploration of anything on any terms. Get out of your rut and live large!

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