Lois Weaver’s idea of using research language and questions not only to Reflect on your work, but to Generate it was interesting.

From her series of brainstorming exercises I decided to think about Free Culture and I found myself looking in a somewhat different way than I have before. Like other issues Free Culture can be polarizing. The Pirate Party of New Zealand already gets it. The Recording Industry Association of America perhaps never will. But what about the large middle of people who haven’t really thought about Publicness at all. Or who don’t see what value it could have. Or that they’re having their private property taken away?

Side Note: perhaps you can look for different framing and find common interests with almost anyone. Even the RIAA / MPAA are interested in making Orphan Works available. Perhaps that could be an entree into articulating more divisive ideas. But for sure, the RIAA is NOT low-hanging fruit. And the idea that Lois Weaver’s brainstorming has pushed me toward is to consider the low-hanging cultural fruit.

I thought about sub-questions: What people know of sharing culture? What their values are? Why we yearn for privacy and private property? What our fears are? Why do people see loss and fear when I see wealth and possibilities?

What can I DO to help answer this? Asking these sub-questions makes me think of the Publicness vs Privatness debate from the perspective of Scarcity & Abundance. For almost the entirity of human time on earth we’ve had to deal with the problem of scarcity. Even if you did have enough to eat you might have been bored. Today a few of us are starting to grapple with the problem of abundance.

Perhaps I can create a work that questions whether we are applying our values of scarcity to our time of abundance?


3-4 Refined Research Questions:

1. What is the state of informedness of PBR artists re Publicness vs Privateness?
2. What are the values that motivate people to choose Privacy & Private Property over Sharing Culture?
3. What is the fear?
4. How can I demonstrate the benefits of sharing and relax fears?

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