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What’s the difference between reality and fantasy? There’s no difference. Isn’t Mickey Mouse real? This guy is raising much more interest, and money, and shaping reality more than me and you together, and all of the people in this gallery, and probably the whole country.
— Franco Mattes

Virtual Public Activities for Avatars, is a celebration of the other half of our humanity. Of our inner identities that we humans have always had, but that are ever more emergent in the age of online networks. When you experience life as an avatar you gain new access to your truest self.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
— Oscar Wilde

Virtual Public facilitates activities where avatars can share joys and fears and new ideas. Activities where avatars can play. Activities where avatars can fight for social justice.

Welcome to the 21st century. Put on your mask and tell me something real.

About Vanessa Blaylock Company

During the heyday of VBCO production the company included many participants: Stage Managers, Publicists, Designers, and others. Having left the rigors of performance art for more open ended participatory events, the organization is now similarly more open ended, ad hoc, and fast moving. Past and current members are here:
Historical VBCO Staff Roster
Current Band Members

About Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is the Artistic Director of Vanessa Blaylock Company. Born in Washington DC, she currently resides in The Hague. She holds an MFA in New Media from Koninklijk Conservatorium (1998) and a BFA in Choreography from the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts (1991). From 2009 – 2013 she produced 50 performance artworks as well as various “field trips” and solo performance works and graphic images. Her full biography is here:
Vanessa Blaylock Biography

Further Materials

• Portfolio of VBCO Performance Art Works, 2009 – 2013
• Documents of VBCO Public Art Activities, 2013 – Present

Hi-Rez Images

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• You can also visit the VBCO Media Image Collection for an extensive collection of images you can use.
VB17 – Dark Side of the Moon

30 avatars form a human dodecahedron in the skies over the Booville sim in Second Life.

In one of VBCO’s more formal performance works, VB17 – Dark Side of the Moon, 30 avatars of similar height, inseam, arm length, and gymnastic ability used their bodies to create a human dodecahedron. Each avatar wore a primary colored unitard made by Kai Heideman and had their hair styled by Carina Larsen. Stage manager Forceme Silverspar even waxed participant Ze Moo’s chest hair to insure his look was consistent with the other cast members. Performance site: 3.5km over the Booville skydiving sim. 8 May 2010.

VB42 – Avatar Pride Parade
34 avatars assembled on the virtual campus of Long Island  University.

2-1/2 years after the very formal VB17, VBCO projects had become far more participatory. On 12 Jan 2013, VB42 – Avatar Pride Parade provided no specific wardrobe or other requisites, and asked avatars only to represent their own identity. 34 avatars gathered on the virtual campus of of Long Island University and marched across an American university archipelago spanning from Long Island University to Long Beach State to Stanford to San Jose State, finally completing their march of identity and pride at the Bradley University ice rink.

Activity #2 – Candlelight Vigil
B&W photograph of Trilby Minotaur, Diptheria Glas & Vanessa Blaylock holding candles in support of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

Activity #2 – Candlelight Vigil, was held on 30 Sep 2013, the evening of the 8th day of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s hunger strike protesting inhumane conditions at the IK-14 women’s penal colony in the Republic of Mordovia. A group of avatars assembled at the Red Star Bar in Virtual Moscow and marched to St. Basil’s Cathedral. The Asylum in Your Embassy avatar clothing boutique offered a variety of “Free Pussy Riot” and other t-shirts and apparel that participants could optionally wear on the march. Serendipitously, the morning after our march Russian officials confirmed the horrifying conditions Tolokonnikova had described in her extraordinary 23 Sep letter and, at least for now, her hunger strike ended.

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